Ana Bulanov


Pacific City 2013

Every year, when september rolls around the corner I know there is something to look forward to that month. Its our annual trip down to Pacific City, OR. You guys, this place is so. much. fun. Its been three or four years now and it never gets old. Having the greatest of friends by your side, running around on the sandy dunes, exploring the caves and beaches, grilling up everything yummy, witnessing some of the most glorious sunsets on the cliffside, spying on several whales just casually showing off in their pretty little (GIANT actually) tails in the waves, hot tubbing under a blanket of stars and finishing off the day with a giant bonfire in a cave. Pretty E-P-I-C  if you ask me. So yeah, heres to September's, you always finish off the summer season with a giant cherry on top. Cheers!