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Paul + Tania

You guys, my brother lucked out, I mean look at his gem of a wife. Tania is hands down the sweetest person I know and I'm so privileged to call her my close friend and sister. The love they have for one another is so sweet, and to add to that, they're just a gorgeous couple. So obviously what else do you think would happen if I stuck them in front of the camera? A breeeezeee. This was easily one of the most enjoyable work days for me. We went down to the river not far from where I live, just in time for that soft gentle light, and magic happened. We didn't have too much of a plan but Paul and Tania are naturals in front of the camera, the location was prime and it all just kinda came together beautifully. 

Ah…I love these two so much and they love each other so much and I love this shoot so much and I love that little boat so much *winning* and I just love days like this so much… love love. 


// P+T

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