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The Khizhnyaks

Let me tell you something...Before I photographed any families, I always wondered how are all the kids just grinning from ear to ear and sitting still?! Several family photoshoots later I quickly learn that you basically have to be a ninja behind the lens, theres really no other way! Just *click click click click etc-times-a-million* the second the kid looks at you and smiles, cause once you blink, he'll be looking at some other shiny object. Taking photos of my sisters beautiful little family was no different, but it was so much fun! The kids were like " Oh hey Auntie is coming to the park to play with us!" And so there I was, auntie running round "playing" with them = trying to catch the three rascals and have em sit still in front of the camera! 

What I love about these family shoots is they turn out be more of a play date in the park, you go with the flow of the kids and capture them in their element which in turn gives you those real moments of giggles, hugs and definitley the cries haha! 

Proud aunty moment here guys, just look at my beautiful little kiddos <3

Annnnndd a little dose of realityโ€ฆsome of us are clearly very fond of having our photo taken :) 

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