Ana Bulanov


Colombia Gorge Engagement // Mike + Angie

Everyone knows of that one couple who's energy is so contageous, Mike and Angie are exactly that couple. They're interaction with one another is so natural and full of trust. They are always smiling and full of positivity. They're the kind of people that will make you feel like a lifelong friend of theirs in the first five minutes of meeting you. So shooting their engagement felt more like hanging out than work! Eaaasyyyyy. We decided to explore a part of the Colombia Gorge that I've been dying to see, Government Camp and lemmi tell ya, man was it worth it! When they say "The Gorge never disappoints" they really aren't messin around. 

Perfect weather, gorgeous location, adorable people. Days like this make me really hungry to keep doing what I do. I mean what else is better than hanging out with beautiful friends, in a beautiful place and getting to call that my job?โ€ฆโ€ฆ...Pizza. That may possibly be the only thing but other than that, probably nothing :) 


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